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Come and meet me at:

CASTLEFEST 2019: Summer edition @ august 2018 with my friends of HOUSE OF ELDER & GOEDVOLK

...more dates to be announced

Past events:

27 & 28 oktober 2018, Ijzertijdboerderij Dongen
NEHALENNIA’S OOGSTFEEST: 15 september 2018, Colijnsplaat
CASTLEFEST 2018: Summer edition @ august 2018 with my friends of ERLUND and TYR'S HAND
MAGISCHE MARKT @ Chungna, 14 & 15 juli 2018
VOORJAARS ERFMARKT @ Chungna, 22 april 2018
BLACK RITUAL PRESENTS: NYTT LAND & TOKK TALKS & LAGUZ @ Little Devil Tilburg, 14 april 2018
CALLING IN SPRING @ Zwaanshoek 18 march 2018
NO SLEEP 'TILL WIELEMAN 2 @ Westervoort, 13 januari 2018 
VELUWSE VUIGHEID release show, 10 december 2017
CASTLEFEST 2017 Winter edition, 25 & 26 november 2017
NEHALENNIA'S OOGSTFEEST : 9 september, Colijnsplaat
CASTLEFEST 2017: Summer edition, august 2017 (with my sisters of ALRUNA)
FOLK NIGHT in Amstelveen: Cesair, Rastaban & La Horde, 3 december 2016 (with Sami of ALRUNA)
CASTLEFEST 2016 Summer edition, 5-7 august 2016 (with my sisters of ALRUNA)
GOBLIN'S GROVE - SEED PAGAN FOLK, Haarlem – 22 november 2015
HERDERSFAIR BALLOO – 10 & 11 oktober 2015 (with my sisters of ALRUNA)




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