Commissioned piece: Into The Labyrinth

A while ago I was asked to design a bandlogo for the psychedelic folk band "Into The Labyrinth" from the Netherlands. 
In the meantime they've taken their time to grow and this month the egg has finally hatched! The band has gone live! :)

They wanted their logo to have a wood-like structure and give an organic, shamanistic feeling yet still remain readable.

Have fun, Into The Labyrinth! I wish you the best of luck. :)


Commissioned piece: Roan Isaac

I got contacted by two lovely people who asked me to draw the birthcard for their newborn.

I like to work with moodboards first with my clients so I can get a better understanding of what atmosphere they're looking for in their design. The moodboard for Roan had a lot of photos of bright autumn days and featured Odin's ravens Huginn and Muninn. The two ravens that represent The Mind(active thinking) and Memory(passive *knowing*, intuition). Each day, the ravens go out and fly over the nine worlds, and when they come home at night, they tell Odin everything that they've seen. Odin does not just trust one point of view, so always listens to both of them. Creating a beautiful balance between active thinking and intuiton.

What Roan's parents didn't know is that autumn is my favorite time of year and I got these two ravens tattooed earlier this year. I'm quite familiar with them and hold dear their symbolism. What a lovely comission to work on!

I had a lot of inspiration for this project so I handed in a few different designs for them to chose from. We decided it should be this design.


Here we see the baby laying softly among the ferns. The ravens are there with him. His heart(Huginn) and mind(Muninn) are connected through a solar cord.

For this illustration I used golden ink to highlight the solar cord and his name.

May you be well, little Roan.