Yule card symbolism: the crow


About the symbolism behind my yule designs:

III: The crow
In many cultures the crow is associated with mysteries, death(rebirth), magic and ancient wisdom. It is said he can fly between the worlds to bring messages back and forth. 

Here I used crow to reflect upon my own past year, subtly hidden in the stars. And to bring you my message. Crow brings you the mistetoe, viscum album, a  (hemiparasite) plant that has many stories and symbolism in European mythology and folklore. Viscum Album is poisonous but can help to heal when it is used in the right dosage. Around the time of Yule or Christmas we find these as the mistletoe; hanging in a room. The custom is to seal love or friendship underneath the mistletoe with a mistletoe.

I use the crow to message you. I wish you'll have a wonderful new year that is full of love and friendship. 

This is a drawing dedicated to the darkest days around the winter solstice; being conscious of the rebirth of the sun and wishing everyone a blessed new year.

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