Yule card symbolism: the birds


About the symbolism behind my yule designs:
All designs are inspired by the midwinter solstice.

I: The birds
This design is featuring a girl- or goddess-like woman. She is holding an egg, symbolising the promise of new life(a new year cycle).

She is surrounded by some type of crown and floating candles. She reminds me of the folkloristic tradition of the Scandinavian lady Lucia. The lady that comes around the dark yuledays and brings light. In her hands she holds trays of food(usually saffronbread and coffee; to wake the family) and wears the lit candles in a crown on her head. There are many customs that are still celebrated in her honor, today, on december 13th. I suggest you do some research, it's really fascinating.

She is held company by three big birds. From left to right; past, present, future. Past is an acknowledged part of who she is, but has not much influence in the now. The lady is facing the future. Present is folding his wings around her, guiding her or being in flight, taking action. And Future is there breathing fire to the candles which will guide the Present towards the goals for the Future.

A drawing dedicated to the darkest days of the winter solstice; bringing hope for the rebirth of the sun and a blessed new year.

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