Ever since I was young I focused on details. I see landscapes in the most ordinary things.
A fallen leaf on the ground, a piece of tree bark, the texture of stone…
With my imagination I set these “macro-landscapes” to life.
With my illustrations I hope to inspire people to start seeing and appreciating these little landscapes found in every day life themselves.
For this I like to use mixed media to create my illustrations. I love to use photos that I took in moments of fascination and draw my little creatures and sceneries in it.

I get inspired by the many wonders of life and nature and music is also of great importance to me. I also have a deep rooted love for history, folklore, herbalism and shamanism.
I will always try to incorporate these fascinations within every piece that I make. I find it important that each piece has it’s own story beneath the surface.

I'm keeping a stone close and let him tell me about his wonders.
If he asks me to tell about wonders in return, I wouldn't know with which one to start.